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WMS Warranties


WMS Warranties


Guaranteed Asset Protection from the WMS Group

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is designed to cover a motorist's financial shortfall in the event their vehicle is declared a total loss. The WMS Group offer several GAP schemes - Finance GAP, Contract Hire GAP, Return to Invoice Insurance and Vehicle Replacement Insurance.

Finance GAP

The original GAP product. Finance Guaranteed Asset Protection provides the protection between the value of a car on the day it was stolen or written off and the outstanding finance on the vehicle.

  • Available for all types of purchase finance
  • Can cover the insurance company excess in addition to any finance company disparity
  • Maximum finance term 60 months

Contract Hire GAP

Similar to Finance GAP, this is for Contract Hire & Leasing customers and pays for up to 100% of the outstanding future monthly rentals. Maximum finance term 48 months.

Return to Invoice Insurance

In the event of a vehicle being declared a total loss, this product will help the customer bridge the difference between the motor insurer pay-out and the original invoice price of the vehicle.

  • Available to all cash and finance customers buying their car
  • Can cover any customer motor insurance company excess payment in addition to paying any finance company disparity
  • Available for periods up to 36 months
  • Can be combined with Finance GAP to give an all-encompassing product

Vehicle Replacement Insurance

In the event of a vehicle being declared a total loss, this product will replace the customer's vehicle and put them back into an equivalent model.

  • Will put the customer back into a ""new or equivalent' vehicle for up to 3 years
  • Can be combined with Finance GAP
  • Can cover any customer motor insurance company excess payment
  • The WMS Group will always look to buy the customer's replacement vehicle from the original supplying dealer